Advantages of effective online registration software

Technology used to be expensive and time-consuming to implement and many event organisers chose not to embrace technology because of this. This is not the case any more and there are many cloud based solutions from which to choose with various different pricing options. I believe there is a real risk for event organisers of becoming uncompetitive and having dissatisfied attendees if they choose to ignore the trends in technology.

Online registration software should not just improve the user experience, but also make life easier for the organiser. The advantages of having an online registration facility are:

(1) Increase attendance

The speed and convenience of an online registration facility makes it more likely for participants to take action than having to go through a fax, post or phone registration process. Online payment and automated email reminders also makes it more likely for participants to commit to attending the event.

(2) Increase revenue

Because of increased attendance and the 24 hour availability, convenience and speed of secure credit card payments, you would have access to funds much sooner than traditional methods.

(3) Save time and money

Online registration and participant management functionality dramatically reduces the time spent on managing an event by reducing or eliminating the need for manual registration entry, invoices & receipts, email & telephone communication, printing, and manually compiling reports. Having a payment facility also further reduces time spent on tracking participants and it is possible to issue refunds through the system.

(4) Help eliminate errors

The manual process of keying in information, communicating with participants and compiling documents increases the risk of errors that can lead to dissatisfied clients.

(5) Real time information

Whenever you need to make changes to your programme, pricing and other information, you can easily update this online and it would immediately reflect on the system. You will also have real time information at your fingertips like specific event attendance figures, outstanding payments and be able to control how many participants may register for a particular item. Most systems also allow you to export data to a spreadsheet application like MS Excel.

(6) Customer satisfaction

A professional looking event website and an easy registration & payment process makes it more likely that you would get repeat customers and referrals.

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