How to create an event

You may create any number of events by following the ‘Create Event’ button in the top menu after signing up for an account. Complete all the required fields and enter the tickets that your attendees need to select from when signing up for your event.

After creating your event you may edit and configure the event by following the ‘My Events’ link in the top menu and then selecting your event by clicking on the title. You may configure your event by selecting from the menu items listed under ‘Event setup’ of the event menu. The general steps for configuration of an event include:

  • Event details: You may edit your event at any time and upload an image that is displayed on your event page and sign-up form.
  • Event tickets: Add and manage the tickets that your attendees can sign up for. You may set prices, discounts, limits and other settings for each ticket item,
  • Payment details: Choose your currency and add the bank account details used to transfer electronic funds processed through our payment facility. This will also be the account details displayed on invoices for manual transfers.
  • Event settings: Here you may configure various settings that will determine how your attendees will sign-up and what information will be displayed.
  • Attendee fields: Add and configure the fields to capture captured on the sign-up form. You may also add your own custom fields to capture.
  • Additional items to sell: Add any additional items that attendees may select from when signing up, e.g. Social events, or Merchandise.
  • Invitation letter: You can enable the feature to email an invitation letter to users who request it at sign up. Invitation letters are typically used for Visa application purposes.