Bulk messaging for event organisers

It is very important for event organisers to be able to effectively communicate with attendees before, during and after an event. But it is also important to ensure that you reach all of your users by communicating via the various communication channels that users may prefer.

Having an event management system with which you can easily filter on lists of attendees makes it very easy to send personalised bulk communication to these attendees. Some of the most common examples include marketing your event, sending payment reminders, notification of changes in venue or programme, adding news flashes.

However, nowadays people have different communication preferences especially with the advancement of social media. Another thing to take into consideration is that a big portion of your attendees may not have easy access to the internet. This is relevant in developing countries, especially in Africa where communication via sms is widely used.

Customer experience is vital in organising a successful event; that is what your event will be judged on. Therefore we believe it could be helpful for event organisers to take the following into consideration when communicating with attendees:


Easy to send targeted messages

Customer experience is vital in organising a successful event. We are all bombarded with email and other messages and people can very quickly form a negative impression when they receive messages not applicable to them. Therefore it should be easy for organisers to filter on specific sets of attendees in order to send messages that is only applicable to a specific group.


Integrating with social media

It should not be a time-consuming and complicated process to post important updates to your website and social media. Content management systems should allow you to easily make updates to your event website and to add news flashes which can be set up to automatically post to social media channels.


Multiple messaging options

Being able to communicate through multiple messaging options based on target audience’s personal preferences, economic factors and geographic location is important. The use of multiple messaging platforms like email, social media and sms will ensure that you reach your entire target market and an added bonus is that it may become an effective marketing strategy as users will notify their friends and colleagues through the communication channels that they use.


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