Online registration & ticketing software

Attrahent has launched their new online registration & ticketing solution for event organisers, called TicketWiz. This solution allows anyone planning a meeting or event to configure their very own event sign-up and management solution.

Some of the product highlights include:


Build flexible forms

With our software it is easy to create complex multi-page registration forms with flexible pricing and discount codes. Add any additional items or merchandise you would like to sell, including option to add member discounts.


Secure payment integration

It is more likely for your attendees to commit with the convenience and speed of secure online payment processing. No need for a merchant account and we regularly transfer funds to your account.


Pay as you go pricing

Create your event for free. We only charge small fee on the processing of registration and payment. You are under no obligation to continue after creating an event.


Invoices & receipts

After signing up, attendees receive a confirmation email with an invoice. If full payment is confirmed, attendees receive their tickets which can be printed or saved. Provision is made VAT.


Automated communication

The entire sign-up process is automated and confirmation emails are generated by the system. It is possible to send bulk emails based on specific selection criteria.


Reports & exports

Various reports can be generated on the system and we give you a real-time overview of all transactions with a detailed summary of all charges and transfers. The full-database can be exported in csv format.


For more information on TicketWiz, click here.